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We are solutions based packaging experts.

Paq-Source provides what others won't. Anyone can sell you a box, but we ensure that you are using the right box every time. Taking it another step further we offer consulting services to assist you with best practices and profit margin maximization. Many times the last piece of the puzzle to make your product successful is determining the best, most efficient solution to give you the competitive edge you need.


When doing business with Paq-Source you don't have a vendor, you have a partner. We look at each relationship we build as a partnership not a dollar sign. We love to solve problems so why not let Paq-Source solve yours!

Inventory Management

Inventory management is always a concern. Most businesses are focused on producing, selling, and shipping their products. Keen attention is given to inventory management on the products sold, but not necessarily on the supplies used to ship the products. We provide a premium service to remove the worry of running out of supplies. 

No more stress, downtime, or missed deadlines.

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