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When selecting a piece of equipment, there are many variables you need to consider: the company, features of the product, quality, cost, and support.  Each company or individual has their own criteria when making a long-term decision, and Paq-Source can offer a custom solution for your business.

On Demand Air Systems

Air Pillows

FROMM AP100 Air Pillows.

Lightest weight option for void-fill needs. Air pillows are engineered to limit product movement inside the box during shipment and can be used in a multitude of different ways such as void-fill and top-fill.

Bubble on Demand

Bubble on demand features a honeycomb design to provide multi-directional wrapping for delicate items. It is what you would use to replace standard “pre-filled” rolls of bubble wrap. It is generally used to wrap items or can be used for top-fill as well.

Air Tubes

Air tubes offer great alternatives for blocking and brace needs within a package. They provide a lightweight alternative to normal corner protectors, and are perforated like the other air system film to allow the packer to use only what is needed.

Cushioning & Void Fill Systems

Paper Cushioning

Paper Cushioning Systems

Produces lightweight but extremely strong paper cushions that keep your goods securely in place and fully protected while in transit. It is the perfect all around solution that can mold to the shape of just about any product from fragile glassware to heavy industrial products. 

Foam in Place

Pregis® IntelliPack® On-Demand Foam-in-Place Machines & Systems

Foam-in-place polyurethane is molded in real-time by combining two liquid foams in a pre-fabricated mold, high density polyethylene (HDPE) bag or film. The mixture expands rapidly around the product being protected, creating a custom protective shell.

Paper Void-Fill

Paper Void Fill

Provides void fill paper directly to the packer. Easy to load, simple to use, and environmentally friendly. This solution saves space, safer to use (no blades), and has multiple setup features to limit the amount of material usage to get a better cost per package solution!

Stretch Wrappers

Automated Stretch Wrapping Machine

Case Sealers & Formers

Case Sealer & Formers

Strapping Systems

Strapping Systems

Automated stretch wrapping machines to fit your shipping volume and budget. Get more stretch out of our material with the introduction of a stretch wrapping machine in your shipping department!

Automated sealing options for your shipping needs. Case forming equipment takes the pain out of folding box flaps while case sealers apply tape to the carton. Remove the amount of manual labor from your process! 

Strapping systems provide quick and easy solutions to both small and large strapping applications. From simple table top to arch and pallet strapping systems, we can work with you to determine which system is best for you!

Case Coding & Printers

Case Coding & Printers

Industrial High Resolution ink jet printer solutions prints bold, highly legible ASCII characters, graphics and barcodes directly onto your packaging. Fully expandable options are available to fit different budgets and needs!


Automated Sealer
Manual Sealer

Provides thermoplastic sealing options in a variety of manual or automated applications. Whether you are using polypropylene, polyethylene, or laminate, there is a machine for you.



Quality pressure sensitive labeling equipment that come in standard and customized systems to meet your labeling requirements. If you are starting a new labeling project or expanding your labeling operations contact us to find out more!

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